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Calculate Distances Between Airports

Regulatory Requirements to Use Statute Miles; Different Methods to Compute

*Calculate statute miles, nautical miles and kilometers between airports. Statute miles are the primary measurement used for calculating SIFL amounts under Treasury Regulation Section 1.61-21(g). SIFL amounts can be calculated using AircraftTaxSolution's SIFL Calculator. There are two Trigonometric methods that can be used to calculate statute miles: Vincenty's formula and Haversine formula. The IRS has not provided guidance on this other than stating that statute miles are to be used for purposes of computing any SIFL income imputation amounts. The haversine formula determines the great-circle distance between two points on a sphere given their longitudes and latitudes. Vincenty's formula calculates geodesic distances between a pair of lati­tude and longi­tude points on the earth’s surface, using an accurate ellipsoidal model of the earth. Both formula's produce the straight line distance between two GPS points or the "as the crow flies" distance (ignoring mountains). Vincenty's formula is believed to be slightly more accurate.

We believe we have one of the more extensive airport GPS databases. If you find that an airport is not in our list, please email us at so we can add.

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