Track your flights for tax and SEC purposes.

The software will track personal, entertainment, commuting and business flight hours and miles to compute IRC Section 280F Qualified Business Use percentages, SIFL imputed income amounts, IRC Section 274 entertainment and commuting expense disallowance amounts, International travel apportionments and SEC Incremental Costs. Multi-leg flight and Repositioning flight tracking supported. Complete software flight package for tax and SEC Aircraft tracking and compliance reporting.

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Easy to Use

Start capturing your flight data using the software. Various options supported/checked (under age 2 passengers, SEC incremental costs, international trips etc..) by the software

Qualified Business Use.

Use the software to monitor and compute Qualified Business Use under various options (miles, hours, flight by flight, occupied seat)

Determine SIFL amounts.

Use the software to impute SIFL income for personal non-business flights provided to key executives and employees on company/employer provided aircraft. Multi-leg mixed purpose trip calculations supported by the software.

All categories supported.

The software separately tracks Commuting, Entertainment, Business and Personal flights. Determine Disallowed entertainment and commuting amounts under IRC § 274.

Sophisticated Flight tax tracking software

Due to the complexity of these matters, the use of spreadsheets with formulas for aircraft tax calculations is prone to error. The software uses sophisticated algorithims to perform multiple calculations. Download and/or email logs reflecting saved flights and flight details to support calculations.

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